GV Students Encouraged to Enter “Yardsticks” Advertising Competition

The annual advertising competition Yardsticks is seeking students to participate and volunteer. Yardsticks was created by GVSU’s advertising professor Frank Blossom as a way for college students to gain real-world advertising experience.

This year’s client is Hello West Michigan (HWM), a non-profit organization which strives to:

• “Promote West Michigan as a place where business thrives and people want to live and work
• Increase the rate of success member companies have in their efforts to recruit top talent
• Collaborate with organizations across the region to help new residents find their fit in West Michigan”

Advertising professionals judge the competition and critique student’s work. “They give it to you straight,” said Blossom. The winner will be invited to a workshop with creative directors and make a campaign from their entry. HWM will also hire the winner as an intern.

ImageFifty entrants will be accepted, either as individuals or teams. The deadline to register is October 19, and the competition will take place on Thursday, October 25 at 7 pm at the Ballroom City Flats. Students can also volunteer or observe the event for free.

For more information, visit Yardsticks’ websiteFacebook and Twitter.


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