‘The Alley Cat’ screening opens to public

marieMarie Ullrich, Associate Professor of Film and Video Production in the School of Communications, will host a feedback screening of her feature film The Alley Cat. The screening takes place on Thursday, September 12 in Grand Rapids at the Wealthy Theatre’s Koning Microcinema at 8 p.m.

This will be the second feedback screening of The Alley Cat following a Chicago screening. After making changes based on that screening, a new version of the film will be shown on September 12.

The audience will be asked for feedback on the film, which will help Ullrich and her editor (Eric Houtz from Cutters, Inc.) move forward with the edit.  No special knowledge of film-making or film theory is needed; in fact, Ullrich seeks responses from a general audience. This event is free and open to the public, all are encouraged to attend.

“In this film you get to see a woman as a lead character whose main purpose isn’t finding romance,” Ullrich said. “The Alley Cat is in my own voice, it wasn’t decided by a committee or a marketing panel.”

The Alley Cat is the first feature film by Ullrich, a filmmaker from Chicago. The film follows Jasper, the main character from Ullrich’s short film Faster as she competes in an alley cat race in the deserted streets of downtown Chicago. The alcohol-fueled race is put on by bike messengers after midnight but the night takes a hard turn, sending Jasper on a mission to a mysterious destination.

The plots of Faster and The Alley Cat are completely different although they feature the same leading character. Ullrich developed the idea for her most recent film through meeting bike messengers and visiting Alley Cat competitions in Chicago.

“This screening will be an interesting peak into the independent film process for students,” Ullrich said. “Film majors may find it as a learning opportunity for their endeavors after graduation with small budgets and casts.”

A teaser of the film is available before the screening. Read more about Ullrich’s earlier film ‘Faster’ in an earlier post.





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