Students Honored by Michigan Association of Broadcasters

Congratulations to Grand Valley students who were honored today by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters in the 2015 Michigan Student Broadcasters Awards:


Public Service Announcement – 2nd place – “Taking Care of Our University Libraries”  –  Mitch Visser, Lewis Stone, Bree Girard, Kelly Arrand

Digital Media Experience – 2nd place – “GVTV’s Digital Media” –  Allison Newman


Public Service Announcement – 3rd Place – “WCKS Texting and Driving PSA” –  Jamel Watson (’14)

Sports Play-By-Play – 1st Place – “WCKS Hockey GVSU vs DU” –  Zak DeBeaussaert, A. J. Bedard

Promotional Announcement – 3rd Place – “WCKS Station Promo” –  Lauren Wion, Blair Thompson

Digital Media Experience – 3rd Place – “WCKS The Whale” –  Brandon Witsaman, Zak DeBeaussaert, Jamel Watson, A. J. Bedard

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