Professor Gives Tips on ‘LipDub’ Videos

Professor Kim Roberts (Film and Video Production) spoke at the monthly meeting of Interchange on November 9 to give a behind the scenes view of the production of “lip dub” videos.

A lip dub is a video, shot in one take, in which performers lip synch the lyrics to a song. Roberts and her students gained lots of attention from a lip dub they produced in 2010 on the Grand Valley State University campus to the tune of “Come Sail Away” by Styx. Based on that success, Roberts was asked to assemble her students to do a lip dub for Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids based on the Michael Buble’ song “I’m Feeling Good”.

(Left to right) Jane Brierley, Kim Roberts, and Mary Pirkola discuss lipdub videos at the Interchange lunch meeting.

Roberts presented with Jane Brierley, marketing director at Clark, as well as Mary Pirkola, of GVSU’s News & Information Services office. She gave several tips for those considering creating a lip dub for their own organization:

  • provide surprises. The GVSU video featured a scuba diver coming out of a fountain.
  • change the view and the people frequently for visual interest.
  • Pre-production is key. Both lip dubs she produced involved hours of preparation, rehearsal and walk-throughs. This is especially important because lip dubs must be done in a single take.
  • listen to ideas from performers. Lip dubs are a creative process, and creative people involved may have a worthwhile suggestion.
  • plan for transitions. Again, because lip dubs are one-take efforts, there is no ability to edit transitions. They have to occur on time in sync with the music.
  • sound effects are allowed and can enhance the effect of the final product.
  • it is important to consider lighting for a quality result.
Both videos received considerable hits online as well as traditional media and social media coverage.


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